Vocabulary for IELTS Speaking: Chủ đề HOMETOWN

Chất lượng cuộc sống

  1. Cost of living: chi phí sinh hoạt

Ex: The cost of living is fairly reasonable

  1. Pace of life: nhịp sống

Ex: There is a fairly slow pace of life where I come from

  1. The rat race (idiom): cuộc sống quá bận rộn.

Ex: I moved out to avoid the rat race

  1. Atmosphere: không khí

Ex: It’s got a really relaxed atmosphere

  1. Pollution (n): sự ô nhiễm môi trường

Ex: The air quality is terrible because of the pollution

  1. Overcrowding (n): quá tải

Ex: Like most places, it suffers from overcrowding

  1. Poverty (n): sự nghèo nàn

Ex: You can see poverty everywhere

  1. Amenities: Tiện nghi

Ex: One of the best points is that it has excellent amenities

  1. Sense of community: ý thức cộng đồng

Ex: What I enjoy most is the sense of community there

Các vùng của một thành phố

  1. Residential area: khu dân cư
  2. Outskirts: ngoại ô

We live in a residential area on the outskirts of the city

  1. Housing estate: khu vực quy hoạch thành khu dân cư

Ex: There’s a shortage of accommodation so they’re building some new housing estate

  1. Industrial zone:

Fortunately, the industrial zones are outside the city limits so the pollution isn’t too bad.

  1. Suburbs: Vùng ngoại ô

Most people choose to live in the suburbs as it’s much quieter there.

  1. Inner city: khi vực nội thành

It’s quite a safe place but some of the inner-city areas can be dangerous late at night.

  1. Heart of the city: trung tâm thành phố

I suppose that the heart of the city is the main square in the city centre

  1. Neighbourhood: khu vực lân cận

The neighbourhood I live in is, I guess, quite affluent

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